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I'm a creative brand consultant based out of Granite Bay, CA with expertise in web design, photography, content creation, and social media campaigning. I am a passionate advocate for businesses looking to grow!

My Work

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Signature Business Consulting - Website Design

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Signature Business Consulting serves to employ individuals with disabilities through government contracting. I was contracted to build their website and get their social medias running! I still work weekly with them running their blog!

Farmhaus - Photography / Content Creation

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Farmhaus is a fine dining restaurant in Granite Bay, CA that emphasizes local, healthy, fresh ingredients. I assisted Farmhaus in branding their website and social medias with photography!

Kingdom Luxury Realty -
Social Media / Website

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Kingdom Luxury Realty is based out of Newport Beach, CA and works to incorporate Christian values into the real estate world. I worked on KLR's website and got their Instagram moving with some content creation!

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